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Pickling Stains
unpainted bisque
These wonderful water-based washes can be used to quickly n easily
create a beautiful washed finish that includes a golden glimmer.

paint acrylic color Kimple Pickling Stains can be used on bisque or over a base coat to
create a beautiful washed finish that includes a golden glimmer.

How to use Pickling Stains
1. Apply 1 or more good, smooth coats.
2. Thin with water or Thin 'n Shade if needed.
3. Using a cloth or quality paper towel, wipe or pat back
....the applied color to desired intensity.
..-Applying color with a towel creates a highlighted or rouged effect.
....seal surface before applying subsequent colors.
4. Clean up with water.
5. Seal with ceramic spray or brush-on sealer.
After every area of the piece has been completed,
carefully spray the piece with Matte fixative in a well ventilated area.
Do not over apply the fixative.

Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
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Pickling Stains Non-Fire
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
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Pickling Stains
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Pickling Stains
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Pickling Stains
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Pickling Stains
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Pickling Stains
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