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Paste oil based Antiques
unpainted bisque
Kimple Antiques can add subtle color to enrich base coats, create a
translucent effect, or help you to achieve a deep color.

paint acrylic color Kimple Paste oil based Antiques is an oil based product that can be
used to create a variety of different effects.

How to use Paste oil based Antiques
1. Basecoat bisque carefully with.
Cover bisque smoothly and thoroughly with 2 coats.

2. After basecoat is dry, apply desired Paste oil based Antiques to bisque
working it into all crevices.

3. Using a cloth or quality paper towel, wipe or pat back the applied color
to desired intensity.
...If a less intense color is desired, use water or Antique Media to pat back color.
....Antique Media will blend the color more subtilely.

4. You can apply another color of Paste oil based Antiques to this initial color:
....seal surface before applying subsequent colors.
--Rouging- To use a towel to apply additional colors to the initial color,
-------Tip a section of towel with a small amount of the selected Paste oil based Antiques.
---------Rub the color onto a clean area of your pallet to
---------distribute the color evenly into the towel tip.
------Then rub the color onto the desired area of the ceramic piece.
-Applying color with a towel creates a highlighted or rouged effect.

5. After every area of the piece has been completed,
carefully spray the piece with Matte fixative in a well ventilated area.
Do not over apply the fixative.
Paste oil based Antiques will remain slightly tacky until dry and fixed with a sealer

Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
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Kimple Opaque Stain 900- Opaque Stain 
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Paste oil based Antiques Non-Fire
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Paste oil based Antiques
Shimmering Bark
Paste oil based Antiques
Shimmering Teak
Paste oil based Antiques
Shimmering Blue
Paste oil based Antiques
Paste oil based Antiques
Shimmering Black

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