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The world is
happy and colorful,
And life itself is new.
And I am very grateful for
The friend I found in you.

Because I love you truly,
Because you love me, too,
My very greatest happiness
Is sharing life with you.
Wedding Cake Tops !
"Here's to the new husband - And here's to the new wife
May they remain lovers - For all of life"

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Bride and Groom Bride & Groom
7 1/4 " High


Kids Precious M Kids Precious M
4 " High


Bride and Groom kids Bride & Groom kids
5 1/2 " High


Bear music bride groom Bears bride &groom
5 " High


Bear - Base
add Music Box with Disk, inside top of base
Bear - Base
5 " Dia.


base round with hearts Base, round with hearts
7 " Wide


dancing Bride & Groom Dancing
Bride & Groom
5 1/2" High


Base 1 tier
add Music Box with Disk, inside top of base
Base 1 tier
1 1/2 " High


Mouse Bride & Groom Mouse Bride & Groom
4 to 5 " High


Bride & Groom Bride & Groom
" High


Base- tier cake with Roses Base- tier cake with Roses
" High


bell bride & groom top Bell bride & groom top
" High


"...There is no peace without harmony
No harmony without music....
There is no music without song
No song without beauty....
There is no beauty without laughter
No laughter without joy....
There is no joy without kindness
No kindness without caring....
No caring without love
No love without you..."
by Leonard Nimoy

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Life is the flower for which love is the honey !!
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