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Wedding Center Pieces & Favors !
"I will always want you in my life, I will always keep you by my heart, I will always need you by my side"
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
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Swan Contemporary Add $10.00 to fired-glaze inside Swan Contemporary
6 1/2" Tall


bell Bell

$6.00 1 bell

Basket - heart base Basket - heart base
6" Dia.


Swan with flowers Swan with flowers
" Tall


favor Basket favor Basket
1 1/2" wide

Set of 6

Basket - heart top Basket - heart top
7 " Long


Dove Dove
" Tall


Swan Swan
" Tall


Umbrella - closed Umbrella - closed
5" Tall


A wedding should create a mood and a feeling
that will be as magical as your love for each other, and
it should capture the beauty of a moment
that will reflect your personalities, your life-styles, your beliefs and your dreams..

"The inside of containers, can be Glazed-Fired with a "FOOD SAFE" clear glaze."

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unpainted bisque
Love makes all hearts warm, all thoughts tender, and all words gentle.!!
kiln fired bisque
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