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Easter Bunnies
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Easter- Bunny Rabbits - Some Bunny Loves you !
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
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Rabbit Box-on Boy
Twig Basket #1316 $7.00
Rabbit Box-on Boy
15 1/2"High

with basket

Rabbit Box-on  Girl with kids Rabbit Box-on Girl with kids
14 1/2"High

With Kids

Rabbit Heart Belly
Add $4.00 for cut out bellies
Rabbit Heart Belly

Set of 2

Rabbit Flowered HAT sitting Rabbit Flowered HAT sitting


Easter Bunny Girl
Both for $36.00
Easter Bunny Girl
10 "Tall


Easter Bunny BOY Easter Bunny BOY
10 "Tall


Reaching Bunnys with Nest n Birds
Replacement parts available
Reaching Bunnys with Nest n Birds n 3 little bunnys
apx. 9 to 10"High


English Hare- Standing English Hare- Standing
10 x 6 1/2"High


English Hare Sitting English Hare Sitting
10 3/4" x 8 1/2"


Rabbit - boy on back Rabbit - boy on back
2 3/4"High


Rabbit - girl with Egg Rabbit - girl with Egg


Rabbit - boy Rabbit - boy


Rabbit Pin- flat Bunny Flat, with flowers
2 1/5"High


Rabbit - Lace Rabbit - Lace
7 1/4"High


Rabbit - Wittle Rabbit - Wittle
3 x 5"Long


The butterfly is an ancient Easter symbol.
Just as the butterfly which emerges from the cocoon is the same caterpillar in new form,
so Jesus, emerging from the tomb is the same person - glorified.


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