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Halloween Ghost!

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Halloween Enchanting Ghost !
Boo !!Boo !!Boo !!

"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
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Ghost - Candy Bar Holders Ghost - Candy Bar Holders
2 3/4 x 4 "

Set of 2

Ghost Candle Holders Ghost Candle Holders
6 1/2" High


Melting Pots Ghost tart burner Melting Pots Ghost tart burner
6 x 5"


Ghost in Pumpkin Ghost in Pumpkin
6" High


Cat in Pumpkin Cat in Pumpkin
6" High


Ghost on Fence
(No lights /Music)
Ghost on Fence
11" Long


Ghost Twins Ghost Twins
3 1/2" High


Pumpkin with shelf for twin ghost Pumpkin with shelf for twin ghost
5 1/2" wide


Ghost sitting left or right Ghost sitting left or right
5" Long


Ghost Pik set Ghost Piks...set-2 pieces (not pkm)
7" long


Ghost Piks or magnet Ghost Piks or magnets
set of 6

set of 6 pieces

set of 3
6" High


Ghost Candle holders with pumpkins Ghost Candle holders
with pumpkins
9" Long


Blinky GHOST with Pumpkins
Blinky GHOST
with Pumpkins
7 1/2" High


Ghost - Bat kid
Ghost - Bat kid
10" High


Monster Footprints
With a magic marker, draw a footprint in a big sponge. Cut out the footprint.
Pour washable paint in an 1/8 inch aluminum pan.
Press the sponge in the paint and sponge footsteps up your sidewalk to your front door for
trick-or-treaters to follow, or around the side of your dark, spooky house.
Flip the sponge upside down to stamp the other foot.
Happy Haunting!

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