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Season of Santa's
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Tis the Season of Santa's
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
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Santa Kids kissing Mr & Mrs. Claus #1992-Kim Santa Kids kissing Mr & Mrs. Claus
6 1/2" Tall


Santa and kids old Times #2142-Kim Santa and kids old Times
5 1/2" Tall


Santa on Phone sitting #2126-Kim Santa on Phone sitting
4 1/2" Tall


Santa with 1-Deer and Lantern #1590-Kim Santa with 1-Deer and Lantern
11 1/2" Tall


Santa Candy Box #2937-Sci Santa Candy Box
4 1/2" High


Santa Sleeping Box #169-Alb
Glazed inside add $9.00
Santa Sleeping Box
8" x 6" x 5"


Santa with Hanger #1231-Cas Santa with sock hanger
6 1/2" Tall


Santa in Skate Bank #804-Spur Santa in Skate Bank
5" High x 7" Long


Santa set Mr. and Mrs. #157-4C's Santa Set Mr amd Mrs.
4" Tall


Santa winking with Bag #124hm-Dun Santa winking with Bag
4" Tall


Front view of Santa with Tree #410-Spur See back view Santa with Tree
aprox. 10" Tall


Santa with geese#857-Prov Santa with geese
9 1/2" Tall


Then when the first snowflakes begin to come down,
And the wind whistles sharp and the branches are brown,
I'll not mind the cold, though my fingers it numbs,
For it brings the time nearer when Santa Claus comes.

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