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  • The term "ceramic" can be applied to a vast number of products - from fine china to sewer tiles and bricks.
  • All early ceramic ware was fashioned by hand, such as the smearing of clay inside of a basket or woven bag.
  • A more advanced method was to press clay into a mold made of fired clay; a method which continued until the early 1700's.
  • The first recorded use of plaster of paris molds was in Staffordshire, England, about 1745.
  • All greenware for hobby ceramics are produced in plaster molds, which have been refined over the years to today's standard.
  • Ceramic arts and crafts have beautified our lives from long before recorded history.
  1. Bisque: A white canvas for you to create a one of a kind master piece;
    Your special touch!
  2. Just what is Bisque?
    • Steps in the process:
      • Clay elements, from the Earth, which are mixed with water form a liquid clay, called slip.
      • This is then poured into a plaster mold. The plaster absorbs the excess water, depositing clay onto the walls of the mold.
      • Excess slip is drained from the mold, leaving a clay shell (or Greenware) that has formed within.
      • The clay is allowed to set until the casted piece is hard enough to be remove.
      • The mold is then opened, separating the halves, revealing a clay shell within.
      • Parts are now attached, pitcher handle, arms, etc. The piece is then allowed to dry.
      • Seam lines are now removed and any imperfections are cleaned.
      • Greenware is then fired to remove moisture and mature the clay into a hard, durable ceramic object.
    • The FIRING process:
      • The firing is done in an oven that is called a "kiln" with temperatures ranging from 1830F to 1940F.
      • A slow firing is needed, about 6 hours for the piece to properly fire.
      • Then the kiln is shut off and allowed to cool naturally to room temperature, another 12 hours, before opening.
  3. Decorating Techniques:
    • No-Fired products:
      • Antiquing, Drybrushing, Marbleizing, Spattering, Sponging, Stenciling, and Stippling
      • Mainly used for decorative purposes.
      • Utility items can be decorated with no-fired colors if the area that is to come into contact
        with water or food is first glazed with a dinnerware-safe glaze.
    • Fired products
      • Pieces can be refired if needed, at a local ceramic shop.
      • Always read the Label on all jars, and follow the instruction.
      • Ask for help if needed!
  • With ready to paint ceramic bisque, you can easily create that special piece
    in the color and style that is just not found any where but in your imagination!
    Now bring it to life, and create....
  • Find your favorite subject theme in ceramic bisque - dolls, carousel, chess sets, fish, birds, cats, fantasy,
    dragons, gargoyles, Christmas, and many others.
  • Discover the exciting hobby of painting and decorating ceramic bisque.
  • Take a look at all you can create.
  • Items in every category imaginable, ready to paint and decorate.
  • No additional firing is needed.
  • Every piece has been poured, cleaned, and fired at our shop.
    Then - Delivered right to your door!.
  • AND for those of you who don't want to paint, we also offer every item completely finished.
  • Finished Item: - All hand painted and decorated, ready to display or give as a gift.
    Items are painted as shown, unless ordered otherwise.
  • Unpainted Bisque: - cleaned, fired, and ready to paint and decorate any way you like.
  • Our customers play an important role in our company, not only as buyers, but as advisors.
  • We listen to what you are saying and select our new line according to your needs..
  • We now have over 5000 molds, with new always coming in..
dot Ready-to-Paint Bisque
We have a Large assortment of groups, to select from.
All pieces can also be ordered Finished.

Our company caters to the ceramist who enjoys creating.

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